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Terminal Reports

Every month at our General Meeting, we publish a summary report which grades the terminals on their activities for the prior month in each of 5 categories:  Turn Times, Hours of Operation, Ease of Operation, Equipment Availability and Customer Service. This report is used to help our Focus Groups intelligently discuss operational problems and to develop solutions at each terminal.

The evaluations are based on meeting the following criteria:
A=Excellent – Exceeds expectations

B=Good/Satisfactory – meets expectations

C= Fair –Needs improvement, working towards basic expectations

D= Poor – Not progressing towards basic expectations

F= Failing – unacceptable, below basic expectations


·        Accuracy will reflect the difference in individual terminal’s performance.

·        Your report must be clear in order to chart the progress of the individual terminal.

We invite all members to participate in this program by having knowledgeable personnel provide us with a report card based on factual Information reflecting your activity for each calendar month.

It should be filled out and sent by fax (973-466-0085) to us the last day of each month. Information will be kept confidential, but will be used to tabulate a final monthly report.  

Questions?    Call or e-mail the Bi-State Office.


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